About Us

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ!
The NLDN is a biblically based ministry whose purpose is to serve as a conduit to unite others who have the same goals – to testify to the body of Christ about the greatness of God, to evangelize to the saved and unsaved through the ministry of movement. We are a medium to resources and training opportunities offered locally, nationally and internationally.  We receive and share information about upcoming liturgical dance workshops and conferences that train us how to become more excellent for the King as expressive ministers of the creative arts such as dance, step, mime and pagentry.
As a local chapter we are continually striving to unify the many sacred arts groups/ministries; dance/pageantry and mime, so that we are "uplifting" one another and advancing the Kingdom of God.  We serve with humility by supporting each other and providing information on workshops and conferences that will further enhance our ministries for prayer, praise and worship.  We meet once a month and quarterly, hosting mini-workshops where we equip one another by sharing and learning new choreography, new ways to improve our ministry in movement and have biblical studies that are geared to specific topics. 
If you are interested in learning more about the network, please feel free to contact me at 302/521-0731 or abethelangel@comcast.net. 
May God’s blessings pour upon you in abun"DANCE"!
Minister Angel,
DE State Director

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